Flood Backflow Prevention Devices

AWMA has a range of backflow prevention devices including Flap Gate Valves and Isolation Penstocks.

AWMA backflow device
These products have been proven across a variety of projects including flood mitigation, stormwater control, emergency isolation, water outfalls and tidal control. AWMA Flap Gate Valves facilitate on-way flow, to stop flood waters, storm water and tidal waters re-entering townships via drain outlets.

Flap Gate Valve | Backflow Prevention Device (1MG pdf download)

AWMA specialise in supplying high quality, high performance water control infrastructure, for any application.

AWMA’s flow control products are supplied as standard designs or tailor made to meet specific site requirements.

Features include:
  • The Flap Gate Valves are on a 3 degree angle to ensure sealing under low head differential
  • Full perimeter sealing for up to 10m head pressure
  • Low head loss
  • Gravity and head pressure can achieve automatic one-way flood, tidal or flow control
  • Effective back-flow prevention for flood control
  • Lifting lugs or optional cable winch allows the gate to be raised in emergency or maintenance situations
  • No obstruction of the waterway by supports or frameworkBackflow prevention devices from AWMA
  • Pipe or head wall mounted
  • Suitable for corrosive environments
  • Requires minimal civil works to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed for any size or shaped orifice 300mm to 3m


Explore the links below to see some examples of projects that utilise backflow prevention devices or contact AWMA for more information on flood gates, flood barriers and all other water management designs.


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