Australian Process Industries Fabricator of the Year

AWMA announced ‘Australian Process Industries Fabricator of the Year’


AWMA Water Control Solutions received the ASSDA ‘Australian Process Industries Fabricator of the Year’ Award at the PacRim Stainless Gala Dinner held in the Sofitel on the Gold Coast last night.

ASSDA promote innovation and excellence in Australian stainless steel design and fabrication.

AWMA specialise in the design and manufacture of water control solutions that deliver efficient water management, for our nation’s most valuable resource.

AWMA have been fundamental in advancing design and manufacturing processes for the development of efficient water control infrastructure for over twenty years, evolving assets manufactured from wood and mild steel, through to marine grade aluminium and stainless steel. The material properties of stainless steel have proven to deliver significantly longer asset life and whole of life economy over alternative materials.

AWMA were nominated following the successful delivery of 91 custom fabricated water control gates for Murray Irrigation’s PIIOP Round 3 project. Murray Irrigation is Australia’s largest private environmental and irrigation water supplier, based in southern NSW.

This project required over 250 tonnes of stainless steel including 1.43km of stainless steel wire rope, over 27,000 stainless steel bolts, 260 stainless steel hinges, 282m of stainless steel shafts, stainless steel welding wire to complete over 7.5km of welding with a cumulative 8,000+ hours of material preparation and fabrication.

AWMA modernisation programs aim to extend the life of an asset, maintain a low whole of life cost, remain environmentally friendly and ensure functionality over an extended service life with optimal efficiency and safety.

The AWMA team express their thanks to project partners, key suppliers and support network for their valuable contributions.

Pictured (L-R): AWMA Operations Manager Leigh Scoullar, Managing Director Brett Kelly and Administration Manager Toni Kelly.

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