AWMA Celebrate 20 Years

Established 1st July 2000, AWMA have been delivering specialised water control infrastructure to domestic and now global markets for twenty years.

AWMA design, manufacture and install water control gates, flood barriers and self-cleaning intake screens, custom designing every product to meet site and operational requirements.

AWMA Managing Director Mr Brett Kelly would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support; customers, project partners, suppliers and the dedicated team who have enabled them to continually build the AWMA Water Control Solutions range of products and services, for two decades.

“Witnessing our team working with numerous project partners to design, manufacture, install and deliver innovative solutions for hundreds of challenging projects, has been very rewarding,” Mr Kelly said.

AWMA primarily began servicing the needs of the local irrigation market. The millennium drought began two years into the operation and still has legacy effects today. Australia was pushed to use scarce water resources more efficiently; for irrigation, the environment and urban use. Complimenting this, was the opportunity to recycle and reuse waste water more effectively.

Mr Kelly states “I am very proud to have been part of many of the solutions and projects delivered to ensure Australia’s most valuable resources are sustainable. Australia is now seen as a global leader in efficient water delivery and consumption, across all water sectors. At a time when there are universal global challenges with natural water resource availability, it is something we should all be proud of”.

The AWMA team of over 50 continue to focus on listening to customers and working with suppliers to deliver cost effective but innovative solutions for water control.

AWMA’s head office and manufacturing facility proudly remains in Regional Victoria and is supported by a dedicated team located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The quality and culture of the AWMA team and what they can accomplish in partnership with asset owners, designers, contractors and suppliers is a credit to them and worth recognising on this their 20th year of operation.