Flood Barrier to Protect CBD Building from Flooding

Last week, installation crews concealed a 16metre flood barrier beneath the entrance to a prominent CBD building.

The barrier remains concealed below ground level until floodwaters reach a predetermined height, at which time the barrier automatically deploys, sealing the access area to protect the building from flood and storm water.

AWMA locally design and manufacture a ‘FloodFree’ range of Flood Barriers, including the Concealed Flood Barrier.

The Concealed Flood Barrier is a passive, self-actuating barrier that deploys automatically, ‘floating’ above impeding flood water, sealing off access areas to protect assets from floodwaters. All flood barriers are designed to meet site specific requirements and are compliant with international quality and safety standards.

For further information visit:  https://www.floodfree.com.au/flood-barriers/concealed/