Flood Barriers in Queensland

Australian made Flood Barriers will be showcased on the Gold Coast this week as part of the Floodplain Management Australia National Conference 2018.

The theme of the conference is “Waterways of Success: Developing flood resilience in our communities”. The perfect platform for AWMA to demonstrate our innovative range of Flood Gates and Flood Barriers, designed to protect our communities, their assets and livelihoods.

AWMA’s General Manager of Screens and Barriers Peter Ebenwaldner is available for the duration of the conference, with Managing Director Brett Kelly arriving tomorrow. On Thursday morning Brett will present the paper  “Mitigating the Risks of Flood Barriers Through Design”.  This paper addresses the design considerations for purpose-built flood barriers that mitigate risk.

Developments which have historically been designed to be protected from the nominal Q100 flood are now considered “at risk” with predicted sea level rises of 0.8m and above, over the next century.

Consideration needs to be given to the integration of flood barriers into existing, and also new developments.

Many Australian-made flood barrier designs have been accepted by councils, town planners and asset owners, installed and successfully deployed nation-wide.

As with all emergency service and safety equipment there are a number of key design criteria that is critical to ongoing performance. Selecting a suitable product, meeting relevant Australian standards, utilising site appropriate material, choosing a low maintenance design and achieving a commitment to regular training and/or servicing will be imperative to the success of the barrier.

Collaborating with flood specialists and barrier designers will provide insight into the site specific flood characteristics, product suitability and ongoing requirements of barrier options to qualify the integrity and effectiveness of the flood barrier.

For further information contact our Flood Barrier specialist Peter Ebenwaldner on peter@nullawmawatercontrol.com.au