FloodFree offer new SWING BARRIER

Swing Barriers offer fast and effective flood protection.

FloodFree’s Swing Barrier is an outward opening hinged flood gate, designed to provide effective isolation of floodwaters up to the height of the gate.

The FloodFree design features a manual locking mechanism(s) to ensure the gate is water tight in the closed position.

FloodFree’s Swing Barriers can be supplied as either right-hand or left-hand hinged. They are suitable for face mount installation onto the wall of a building, levee or other structure. Optional coating of Swing Barriers is available in a range of colours to integrate with the surrounding building or structure.

Swing Barriers offer quick and easy deployment, simply swing close and lock to protect your asset from impending flood and storm waters.

Made-to-order they are manufactured in Australia by AWMA, to client specifications.

See our FloodFree website for further details: https://www.floodfree.com.au/flood-barriers/swing-barriers/