Modern Primary Intake Screens

AWMA manufacture self-cleaning screens, designed to improve raw water intake systems.

Common issues with traditional screens have been noted to include:

  • Traditional screens are ‘always blocked’
  • Cleaning traditional screens is an expensive and a time consuming process
  • There are numerous OH&S concerns with operating and maintaining traditional screens
  • Current systems can not provide reliable flows
  • The costs of maintaining and replacing components are greatly increasing
  • When maintaining the screen is delayed or fails, the filtration systems are often removed causing increased damage to the pump and pipeline infrastructure

AWMA design and supply modern primary intake screens, installed at the water extraction point, to reduce loadings or eliminate fine filtration systems, downstream.

Engaging with project partners, the AWMA Screen Team endeavour to understand the issues with current systems and then develop solutions for sustainable water extraction, whilst also providing considerable return on investment.

AWMA Brush-cleaned Screen
Traditional 'Blocked' Screen