Protect Fish and Intakes with Locally Manufactured Fish Exclusion Screens

MEDIA RELEASE 27th July 2017

AWMA Water Control Solutions to locally manufacture, install and service FISH EXCLUSION SCREENS.

Fish entrainment in irrigation diversions, both gravity and pumped, is currently a very topical issue.

AWMA now offer a range of fish exclusion screens to suit various applications including pump stations, irrigation diversions, water treatment plant diversions, hydro power facilities and cooling water intakes.

Over the last few years AWMA have visited numerous countries to assess the issues associated with fish entrainment in water diversion systems. In order to deliver a sustainable solution that meets local requirements AWMA have partnered with international specialists under an arrangement that allows local manufacture and customised solutions for intake systems.

AWMA will locally manufacture, install and service the fish and debris screens, with a degree of customisation available. The screens utilise proven designs from Intake Screens Inc. (ISI) and Hydrolox, both based in the United States. These companies are specialised and experienced in their field. Together with AWMA’s extensive manufacturing and servicing capabilities, the market can expect effective, high quality products that meet local requirements.

Brett Kelly, Managing Director of AWMA, states “Whilst the primary role of the screen is to protect the fish population in their natural water way, there is a design focus on sustainable operational and maintenance considerations for the asset owner, ensuring viable whole of life costs”.

This extensive new range of proven screening products will complement AWMA’s current water control systems and provide significant benefits to new and existing customers.


Fish Exclusion Screens
Fish Exclusion Screens










About AWMA –
AWMA have been manufacturing innovative water and wastewater control equipment for nearly twenty years’. Their current range of water control structures include flood barriers, water control gates (penstocks, stopboards, bulkheads, flap gates), process control equipment, debris screens and associated control systems.

About ISI –
Intake Screens, Inc. (ISI) has been delivering quality and innovative screens and projects since 1996. ISI’s achievements were recently recognised by NOAA Fisheries by receiving the “Environmental Stewardship Award for Innovations in Fish Protection”.

About Hydrolox –
Hydrolox™ engineered polymer travelling water screens are changing the way that water extraction facilities think about intake screen performance. Hydrolox’s innovative chainless screen design and unique engineered polymer material deliver advantages other screens can’t offer – lower ownership costs, operational efficiency and reliable performance.