Seeking: Internal Sales Support

A full-time, Internal Sales Support position is now available. Based in Cohuna, you’ll be required to secure, develop and sustain profitable sales revenues in accordance with the annual sales budget. This role is a key part of the overall sales team and will be primarily responsible for managing individual opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • General pipeline review and followup
  • Liaise with clients to identify and document requirements
  • Preparation of quotes in accordance with client requirements
  • Develop markets / build networks
  • Provide accurate and timely quotations to clients
  • Provide the most suitable product and service to the client
  • Maintain continuity of contact with the client
  • Set and maintain multiple contacts for all opportunities
  • Maintain accurate and timely management of CRM

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent oral, written and presentation communication skills – can articulate the position, policies and actions of AWMA to internal and external customers, including communicating effectively with industry based on an in depth understanding of their infrastructure service requirements.
  • CRM Compliance
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Capacity to multi-task

Personal Attributes:

  • Ability to Learn – able to learn new skills and readily apply new found skills or knowledge in the role
  • Adaptable – accepts the need and adapts positively to change, ensures staff and customers are supported and helped to make changes, acts to overcome resistance to change, persuades others of the benefits of change
  • Client focused – understands and meets the needs of internal and external customers, anticipates likely future customer needs and takes actions to prepare to meet them
  • Commitment – makes decisions and acts in the best interests of the company
  • Drive – is positive and energetic towards the company’s goals and their personal contribution
  • Focused – able to meet deadlines and manage conflicting demands
  • High Standards – demonstrated thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Industry focused – demonstrates enthusiasm for the water industry and related issues
  • Innovative – able to create ideas and new solutions from existing resources or processes, as well as unique solutions
  • Integrity – has a clear set of values and ethics
  • Leadership – ability to lead internal and external parties towards goals and to motivate others to cooperate in the achievement of difficult and sometimes conflicting objectives
  • Mature – can draw on a wide range of past experiences
  • Persistence – the ability to rely on themselves to get the job done even when interest in the job is low or wavering, the ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks, naturally motivated
  • Proactive – able to identify opportunities or threats for the company outside of their immediate professional area of expertise
  • Professional – able to represent the company proficiently, an ambassador
  • Reliable – able to be counted on to ensure consistent delivery of quality results
  • Team-player – demonstrates commitment to the team and works positively and cooperatively with others, acts to build and develop a team, promotes teamwork and morale
  • Considered Approach – able to competently respond to a situation after carefully considering all issues and possible outcomes before responding

All applications should be directed to:

Attention: Toni Kelly (Human Resources)

Thank you for your interest in AWMA Water Control Solutions, we look forward to hearing from you.